How to order

Choosing an article
You can choose an article from in the table "Products" on the left of the window.
When clicking on a article a new  window opens.
Depending on your choices other questions and/or windows will open.
By doing so you can walk through the several sections.

Make your choice for the amount and click on the shopping cart.
When you're finished, click on the folder 'shopping cart' to go to the order page.

The ordering process
In the 'Shopping cart' you can see or review your order. Click 'order' to go to the next page.
Indicate on this page how you want to pay and than click 'next'.
You are now asked to fill in your personal information.
You don't need to fill in the second table when the delivery address is the same as your home address.
You need to accept the delivery conditions to finish your order by clicking on the 'next' button.
If you don't go to the next window you probably forgot to fill in all the necessary information.
This will be marked in red at the top of this page.
You need to fill in the missing information to continue the ordering process.
In the last step of ordering process you now need to once more check your order.
If everything is ok you finalise your order by clicking on 'send order'.
In the final window the order is summarised and you get a confirmation of things you ordered.